Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Read This Crap Entry

Unfortunately I don't have pictures today because I'm not on my own personal computer. But I do have stories! Wait. No. Those are what I make on the weekends. Maybe I have random pieces of information or points of interest. Yeah. I like that... Tales of Interest. Sajnos, I don't have anything that is coherent. OOOOOO! But I did for the first time insert a Hungarian word into my English without thinking about it. Hoooooray! I feel like I need to put down a story now that all I have done is ramble..

So while I buy more time to think of a story how about some vocabulary?

Sajnos (pronounced shy-no-sh) = unfortunately

That's about enough for the day. It's hard to think of words that don't have accents and it's a pain to copy and paste the individual letters from Wikipedia (I'm using an American keyboard).

On to my tales of interest.
On Tuesday Claire (super cool roommate) and I were on a quest. Our quest was to find a posta to buy revenue stamps. We first tried the posta directely across the street from us. Turns out, all you can do at that place is pick up packages. They mimed for us to go to Keleti Train Station. We walked the 3 blocks there and couldn't find it. So I went to the lower level and found a place that sells kávé for 95 forint. 95 forint! Might I remind you that the exchange right is 1:170. So that's $.56 for an espresso. Then yesterday I found a place 2 blocks away from my apartment that sells it for 90 forint and it's slightly better quality $.53 for an espresso. My day was greatly improved.

This was a crap entry. I should just delete it. But I already wrote it all so deal with it. I'll never write another entry when I don't have anything to say or any pictures to post

I think I'll go walk around a castle (vár) now.


Legna said...

The rambling was okay, but I would like to see photos. Photos of the Posta would be cool. Or photos of the coffee shop or the coffee shop server.
A 56 cent espresso,that would pick up anyone's day. Except for me, because I'm not a coffee drinker.
Did you ever find the post office or a place to buy stamps and mail a letter?

Béke said...

Yes, we did find the post office. Once we got there we had to stand in line 3 times. We needed to buy revenue stamps for about 18000 forint so we waited in line for a window. At the window, the lady told us we needed to get them from a different line, so we went there. When they found out it was for so much money we had to go back to the original line. It took about an hour. It's around those types of times that knowing the language would be good. :)